• At the core of any meaningful and sustainable building design is an innate understanding of what a space should be. greymatters has a widely experienced, multi-disciplined team who understand what underpins robust designs and concept commercially viable products. We have familiarity with multi-various markets, cultures with an intimate understanding of hospitality operations processes ensuring strategic and planning decisions result in efficient and effective solutions that respond to an ever-evolving and dynamic hospitality environment.


  • greymatters offers extensive experience in hospitality planning and architectural design, ranging from urban high rise developments to lush resorts, and a myriad of bespoke properties in-between. We understand the distinction between good design and exceptional experiences, a prerequisite for today’s hospitality landscape, where dynamic and ever changing customer profiles and needs are craving unique environments to immerse themselves within.


  • It is a cornerstone belief of greymatters that design is more than creating engaging spaces. It is about creating identity that demonstrates a sense of place. Every design is curated to the brand, owner and location. Every element is created uniquely for the project to ensure we deliver designs that fits a set of customized criteria, but also has never before existed in that market.


  • The completion of a design doesn’t end with an interior fit-out, but instead culminates with dressing and adornment of well crafted, curated and bespoke art, artefact, accessories and styling that has been guided under watchful eye. greymatters prides itself on making sure that every design is complete. Our services include a marriage of industrial design, product design and styling to ensure that every space we create has all the finishing touches layered throughout, each piece with purpose, care and on brand.


  • greymatters has become synonymous with developing unique and award winning dining, entertainment and lifestyle oriented spaces that have a lasting impact not only for the user, but also for the operator. Our belief is that designing a restaurant or bar is only half of the challenge. Transforming this into a sustainable experience that will leave an indelible impression on the guest is the ultimate objective.


  • Curated as a true Agency, greymatters offers holistic branding, identity design and media development services with a team of creative professionals that immerse themselves from the genesis of each project. Each projects identity grows organically from within in parallel to the other disciplines of design, whilst making strategic decisions about what we’re developing, why we’re developing it, and who we’re developing it for.